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Dual Citizenship – Dutchmen Grounded (Economist, 7 jan 2012)

Multiple citizenship is on the rise. But some states continue to deter it (Economist)

In praise of a second (or third) passport (Economist, 7 jan 2012)

Multiple identities are natural. Citizenship laws should catch up

Dutch expats campaign against dual nationality restrictions (DutchNews.nl, 1 nov 2011)

Tuesday 01 November 2011 The government’s plans to bring in new restrictions on dual nationality will also hit thousands of Dutch expats living abroad, campaigners against the changes say.

The end of dual citizenship? (DutchInAmerica.com, 24 okt 2011)

A new law is currently under consideration by the Dutch government that could spell the end of dual citizenship for Dutch citizens, including Dutch-Americans in the U.S.The law, which is now being reviewed by the Raad van State, will end several widely used exemptions to the general rule that Dutch citizens cannot claim other nationalities without … Lees verder