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Dutch expats campaign against dual nationality restrictions (DutchNews.nl, 1 nov 2011)

Tuesday 01 November 2011

The government’s plans to bring in new restrictions on dual nationality will also hit thousands of Dutch expats living abroad, campaigners against the changes say.

‘This is the first time Dutch people living abroad have joined forces,’ says Dutch New Yorker Eelco Keij in the Volkskrant. Keij is one of the people behind an online petition against the changes.

The petition, signed by over 7,000 people by Tuesday morning, states that ‘identity and loyalty to the Netherlands do not get lost with a second nationality, which is often requested for purely practical reasons’.


According to the campaigners, the draft legislation states that Dutch expats who take another nationality will automatically become ‘ex-Dutch nationals’, making it much more difficult to return to their country of origin. It will also be harder for the children of expats to keep their Dutch citizenship.

Dutch lawyer Susanne Mooij in London told the Volkskrant the Netherlands is going against international trends, in which western countries are making it easier to have multiple nationalities.

The draft legislation is based on stopping foreign nationals keeping their original nationality if they become Dutch and the changes for Dutch expats are a ‘side effect’, the paper says.


‘Dutch citizenship is the crown on participation and integration into society,’ Donner said in a briefing on the new plans earlier this year. The new measures were included in the coalition agreement.

Opinion polls show majority support for eradicating dual nationality. However, in a DutchNews.nl poll earlier this year, only 19% of the over 2,000 people who took part thought dual nationality was a bad thing.

Source: http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2011/11/dutch_expats_campaign_against_1.php



4 gedachtes over “Dutch expats campaign against dual nationality restrictions (DutchNews.nl, 1 nov 2011)

  1. I lived in Holland almost 15 years and moved back to my country after I experienced discrimination by the Dutch government over the “Inburgering” or “Intergration” that was in effect in 2008. The purpose of “Inburgering” is that a foreigner would speak, read, write Dutch and integrated into the Dutch society making it easier to get a job and etc… After having lived in Holland for those many years, I thought I’ve proven that I have intergrated by having a job, being involved in my children’s school and many more. I speak and write fluent Dutch, but it was not good enough because the Dutch diploma I earned in the 90s was too old and didn’t count. I was called and harrased by the governement people every month about taking the Dutch Inburgering courses although I was told I had three years to do so. Every time they called I had to explain that I’m busy working and would’ve to quit my job to the do courses. But that didn’t stop the harrasment, when I finally got fed up with this discrimination against foreigners (really that’s what it really was), I felt miserable and felt we had to leave the country of my husband and children’s place of birth. The Inburgering law is being reconsidered as we speak, it started a few months after we moved back to my country and the government probably realized all they were chasing away were foreigners with money who had been paying higher taxes in Holland. They had to spend billions on a program that was unsuccessful due to high drop out rates. Now the government is also turning against their own Dutch citicens by taking away their Dutch passport if they live abroad including those like my children with dual nationality.
    The government needs to realize that people who work and live abroad are usually high ranking, talented business people, by chasing these people away will not benefit Holland in the long term.

    Geplaatst door Tarin | 5 maart, 2012, 12:32
  2. I totaly agree. Zelf ben ik here since 1959 and ik heb nooit mijn Nl. paspoort op gegeven maar kreeg een brief dat ik statenloos was. Ik was er erg door geschrokken en 6 jaar na dien toen ik gtrouwt en een dochter had ben ik USA citizen geworden. Maar heb nog altijd gevochten en toen er wat stond in de krant dat je het kon aan vragen ben ik in Eindhoven Nl. naar het gemeente huis geweest en daar een Mr. Verhage gesproken die zij dat hij er werk van zou maken want het was inderdaad mogelijk. Ben er meer malen gweest maar helaas wacht ik nog steeds. Geplaatst door Marijke 18 Junie 2012

    Geplaatst door Marijke Fulton | 18 juni, 2012, 10:13

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